Electrocoating (E-Coat)

Our E-Coat Capabilities Are:

     Ware Package: 48″ H x 36″ W x 96″ L

     Weight: 1000 lbs per load bar

     Coating Thickness: .0003″ to .0012″

     12-Stage Pretreatment (Acid Pickle and Zinc Phosphate)

     Corrosion Resistance: 1000 hour salt spray

E-Coat: Black Cathodic Epoxy (PPG Powercron 6000CX) is designed as a primer, or an internal finish coat with excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. This coating should not be used as a finish coat for exterior products unless it has been top coated. Our e-coating system can produce a Class “A” finish. When needed, we can also provid both powder and liquid topcoats.


How Does E-Coating Work?

E-coating is based on the principle that “opposites attract.” Cathodic electro-coating is the process where the product to be coated is given a negative charge and attracts the positively-charged paint molecules. The paint molecules are drawn to the metal, forming an even, continuous film over it’s entire surface, including edges, corners, and enclosed areas.

E-coat is the standard for automotive, defense, agricultural, appliance, and recreational industries. It gives superior coverages, adhesion, and corrosion resistance.

Ad Tech E-Coat